What To Do To Prevent Your AC Leaking Water From Vent

As homeowners, you are surely worried after finding out that there is water leaking from the vent of your cooling system at home and this could be alarming. It is natural for us to think that this might lead to a serious problem if ignored so we are willing to make a remedy to fix it but will this solve the issue? I guess it is best to consult an expert and let them do their jobs.

Keep in mind that our solution may work at first but when we are not experienced technicians, maybe we are just trying to get rid of the leakage. In this case, we did not check what went wrong since we lack the skills to assess the condition of the unit. We may read from https://reliablestandard.com/water-dripping-from-my-ac-vent-how-to-fix/ and learn from it but when it gets technical, it’s better to seek help from experts.

This means that we better call an AC technician with years of experience in this field because he knows best what to do. Just make sure that he has the license or is authorized to offer repair and installation services for your safety. By the way, through consultation, you can ask for suggestions on how you can prevent water leaks from happening.

Air Vents

This is very important for the cooling system. It helps in maintaining and balancing the supply of air. Aside from that, it also aids in filtering out dust or other forms of debris.

When the air comes in, this will pass through ducts going to the rooms. This will be filtered before leaving the area. So if you turn on your cooling system, it would be cold but when there is a problem, it will get moist and leak when it can’t hold anymore.

Fixing Or Unclogging the Condensate Line

You can surely see a tube outdoors or behind the unit and this is where the liquid substance from the AC passes. This passage is the condensate line or pipe. After years of using the machine, debris may stick on its walls so when it thickens, the passage would be clogged.

That’s why we can notice that the vent leaks. With the right equipment, it would be easy to unclog this – learn here, but it would be ideal to call for help when you are not sure about how to unclog it or if your solution did not work. I suggest you book for regular inspections to prevent clogging.

Defrost Ice on Evaporator Coil

Just like your freezer, you have to defrost the AC’s evaporator coil to prevent the liquid substance from dripping. However, this is not a visible part that’s why we cannot tell if the leakage is coming from the melting ice in the coil. If you will not melt this, the airflow will be blocked and the vent will malfunction as well.

If you can locate the coil, then you can defrost this using a hairdryer with minimal level. But again, if you doubt how to do this, then we can contact an expert to deal with your unit.

Proper Insulation

Condensation may occur when the vent is not properly insulated. Several problems are related to this and it’s not just leakage, but mold growth as well as percolation. I supposed it would be strange if cold air is blowing out when it is winter so it means that there is something wrong.

If there is proper insulation in the vent, such as using foam or foil, leaking and condensation can be prevented. Of course, the experts must work on this and inspect it regularly for your convenience.

Regular Maintenance

You should know that old unit as well as improper maintenance may lead to refrigerant poisoning that’s why we need to replace old units and repair them when needed. This toxin can risk your health when you have too much exposure so you’ll feel symptoms – headache and fatigue to name a few. Such disturbances may vary, depending on how many toxins were inhaled.

This is why even simple leaks must not be ignored and when noticed that there is an emission of toxic gas, report it immediately. In this way, the AC technician can fix it and prevent your family from getting sick.

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