What Type Of Storm Shelter Is Best For Texas?

A safe texas storm shelter is crucial if you live in a tornado-prone area. It can help keep your family and pets safe from flying debris.

There are two main types of storm shelters: above-ground and below-ground. Each class has pros and cons. The best option depends on your needs and budget.

Underground Shelters

Underground shelters are popular for people who want to protect their families from tornadoes. They can be bolted to a house’s foundation or placed in a garage. They have the advantage of being less prone to debris from fallen trees or other objects that could block an exit. They also offer the security of a back door in case the front entrance is blocked.

These bunkers can be customized to include things like a first aid kit, flashlights, and weather radios. They are also an excellent place to store emergency provisions like food and water. You should also keep essential documents in the texas storm shelter, including copies of insurance policies and birth certificates.

One disadvantage of these shelters is that they can be difficult to access. If the entryway is blocked by a vehicle or debris, it could take a while to get inside. They are also vulnerable to water damage and may become contaminated with mold.

Steel Safe Rooms

The safe room is popular among homeowners because it protects their families from severe weather and tornadoes. These shelters can be built within a home, in a garage, or even converted closets, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. They also come in different sizes to accommodate families of all sizes.

While some believe that above-ground storm shelters are less robust than underground ones, this is false. Both underground and above-ground shelters are designed to withstand the same pressure. However, above-ground shelters must undergo more rigorous testing.

Another benefit of above-ground shelters is that they can be installed much quicker than underground ones. In addition, they require less digging. Also, above-ground shelters can be placed in a location that is more accessible to family members with mobility issues. The one disadvantage is that above-ground shelters can be more expensive than underground ones.

Sliding Door Shelters

Sliding door shelters feature a sliding reinforced door that is less likely to get stuck or blocked. Their doors also do not open outward, which protects against debris being thrown from the ground during a tornado. They are also easy to install without excavation or concrete construction.

However, their size may need to be more significant for larger families. You can find shelters that accommodate a family of four, but it might be too tight for those with children or elderly relatives.

Another option is an above-ground storm shelter, which can be installed anywhere in the house. These are generally cheaper than underground shelters and can be used for storage. However, they offer a different level of protection than a safe room or an in-ground storm cellar. For instance, a customized Lone Star Safe Rooms shelter can be built into a garage or closet. This is an excellent option for people who want to avoid the hassle and expense of converting their basement into a storm shelter.

Triple M Storm Shelters

When a tornado warning is issued, you must seek shelter immediately. This is typically done in a basement or below-ground storm shelter. However, only some have a cellar in their home. Above-ground storm shelters are a good option for those who do not have a basement. These are made of steel and offer excellent protection in a tornado. These are also easier to install than underground storm shelters.

Another benefit of above-ground shelters is that they can be installed anywhere in your home, including the garage. This makes them a convenient choice for many homeowners. They are also more affordable than underground shelters. In addition, they can increase the resale value of your home.

Regardless of which type of shelter you choose, it’s essential to research the company that you work with. Make sure they have FEMA certification and test their covers to ensure they will withstand a tornado.

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