Your Mom and Girlfriend Will Love These Flowers, And Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet!

Nobody can complain if a bouquet of flowers is unexpectedly sent to them. Giving someone flowers on their birthday, on their anniversary, or even on your first date with them is a sweet gesture. Even while flower delivery has been a tradition for thousands of years and even contributed to the creation of a coded language, it is still regarded as an art that requires finesse.

Every event necessitates a distinctive flower bouquet or floral arrangement. For every event that calls for flowers in Austin, TX, is your go-to florist. For additional ideas on what you can do to show someone you care about them on any particular day, keep reading. The florists at La Fleur will see to it that you never run out of any of the parts once you have a strategy in mind!

Select a Theme

Consider whether the person you are purchasing flowers for is more inclined to value more conventional presents or odd and unconventional shows of affection before choosing the type of flowers to offer. The ideal type of flowers to gift them can only be decided after that. Other flowers may also be utilized; roses are not the only type of flower that can be used to make a lovely arrangement. Given that they are more unique presents, your girlfriend or mother could like a succulent or zen garden over jewelry or a bottle of cologne. Even while perfume and jewelry are usually appreciated gifts, one of these can be more to your mother or girlfriend’s taste if they enjoy getting odd gifts. When compared to conventional flower arrangements, succulents and zen gardens stand out because they not only provide a distinctive presentation but also continue to flourish for a considerable amount of time after the flowers would have withered and died had they been placed in the same conditions as the succulents and zen gardens. Succulents and zen gardens stand out more as a result.

Honoring Your Mother

Orchids were a popular choice for a gift during the entirety of the Victorian era. It was believed that giving the flower as a symbol of appreciation would adequately express the depth of one’s love for the receiver because of the bloom’s uniqueness. Another meaning of orchids in ancient Chinese culture was “many offspring or children.” Orchids are the epitome of perfection in terms of knowledge, insight, and attractiveness.

Popular choices for Mother’s Day orchids include those in the hues pink, which is connected to romance, refinement, and femininity, and purple, which is related to majesty, esteem, and love.

You should carry out the following in honor of Mother’s Day or whenever you feel the need to express to your mother how much she means to you. Do you think a lovely flower bouquet would brighten your day? Carnations in pink are a good choice if you’re unsure. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these flowers are so common on Mother’s Day, given the tender affection they stand for.

Pink flowers make a lovely present for expressing thanks, respect, and appreciation. A bouquet of pink gerbera daisies is a sure thing that won’t let you down at any time of the year. This is a good example of using white as an accent color.

Consider going to the florist and buying your mum a lovely flower. There is a way to do anything, whether you have an excessive amount of ideas, feelings, and meanings to express or your mother has an excessive amount of preferred flowers.

Make your mother a beautiful floral arrangement with at least three or four of her favorite flowers as a thoughtful and personal gift. Hydrangeas, peonies, and gerbera daisies are other flowers that are frequently presented as Mother’s Day presents in addition to those that have already been mentioned.

Appreciate the Worth of Your Committed Love

The crimson rose, sometimes known as the “lover’s rose,” symbolizes passion. They have a beautiful look, are well-educated, and have a seductive appeal. Red roses are one of nature’s most magnificent flowers and also serve as a symbol of endless love and ardor. Even if you decide to use roses again, you should, this time, use an orange variety. Alternatively, you might continue wearing red while switching out your accessory’s flower. It is impossible to overstate red tulips’ stunning beauty and elegant charm. It is thought that the tulip’s velvety black center signifies the core of a lover’s heart. By incorporating flowers other than roses and tulips into your bouquet, you might be able to enhance the meaning behind it.

For instance, you could do well to choose asters, which, although being a less frequent flower, are said to be a symbol of love. Pink stargazer lilies are considered to symbolize wealth, whereas pink alstroemeria is said to symbolize fidelity. Peonies are frequently seen as symbols of fortunate marriages and good fortune. Additionally linked to success are peonies. Any of the aforementioned flowers would be a suitable present for a couple that has endured great hardships together but has consistently found a way to rebuild their relationship.

New Love

Presenting a new romantic interest with a lovely flower arrangement might help you achieve both of these objectives at once.

Roses and lilacs, two other varieties of purple flowers, are frequently used in bridal bouquets due to the importance of establishing a good first impression.

Giving a bouquet of flowers that comprises a selection of various flower varieties is the best method to indicate that you want to say something but aren’t quite ready to do so. Sending someone a little bunch of red roses in a vase is a sophisticated and discreet approach to expressing interest in them without being too sentimental. A bouquet of orange, white, and peach roses would look stunning, and as orange roses are thought to symbolize longing, they would make a wonderful centerpiece for the bouquet.

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and extraordinary present is an orchid. She will be conscious of how much she inspires you. The color yellow is symbolic of the joy and fulfillment that can be found while spending time with a friend or loved one, pursuing shared hobbies, and engaging in lighthearted conversation. For instance, pairing yellow tulips with roses in the same bouquet might result in a bright and happy bouquet.

Daisy and freesia are two flowers with similar meanings that you may combine to make a lovely gift for your friend. Your buddy will like the present. Men like freesias because of their wonderful scent, while women choose daisies because of their vibrant beauty.

These rules should be followed at all times while going on a first date. After deciding on the location where you want to propose to her, a bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful gift to offer her.


To put it briefly, flowers aren’t exclusive to any one event or person in particular. Flowers make the perfect gift to offer “just because” or for any other occasion that might come along. Flowers are a traditional present option that will never go out of style, whether you want to make a loved one happy or just brighten someone’s day. For any situation requiring the presenting of a gift, a florist like La Fleur offers a variety of possibilities, one of which is probably appropriate. Visit to receive gift inspiration when you’re looking for something special to give someone special in your life.


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