8 Cost-effective Methods To Lower Your Power Bill

The cost of electricity is not expected to drop in the near future. It is estimated that the price of electricity will increase at a rate of 1.8% annually. It is important to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining a high standard of living.

These are eight simple and inexpensive ways to reduce your energy bills.

1. Make Sure You’re On The Right Rate Plan For Your Needs

Is your utility provider offering the lowest electricity plan? It would surprise you to find out how much you could save each month if you looked at all the plans available.

You could, for example, switch to a Time of Use plan that charges a higher rate between 9 AM and 5 PM. This plan is best if you’re often away from your home during work hours. It could also save you money.

2. Window Coverings

The Department of Energy estimates that you can lose 30% of your home heating by opening your windows in winter. This means that 76% of the sun’s rays from the summer get into your home, heating it from the inside.

You can reduce the impact of these bills by using drapes, window films, or curtains.

3. Weatherize Your Doors And Windows

Insulating your doors and windows can make a huge difference in your comfort and monthly energy bills. Insulation cannot make a window great, but it can make a big difference.

Storm windows can be upgraded to energy-efficient windows by installing a low-E coating. Storm windows are simple to install and only a fraction of the cost of replacing windows.

Energy Saving states that installing a low E storm window instead of a single pane window will reduce your heating and cooling costs by between 10%-30%. This is the same amount as what you get by replacing the window with a new energy code-level one for a fraction of the price.

You can seal the air leaks around windows and doors with weatherstrips for a very low price and save as much as 5%-10% on heating and cooling costs.

4. Replace Lighting

You can save up to $225 annually by switching to energy-efficient lighting. Lighting is responsible for 15% of the average home’s electricity consumption.

There are two options for replacing your incandescent bulbs: light-emitting bulbs (LEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

CFLs use 25%-35% less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They also last longer (8,200 hours versus 1,200). They are also more expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs ($1.00 vs $2.00), but they still come out on top.

LEDs use 75% less energy and last far longer than incandescent or CFLs. Although you’ll pay more for LEDs (prices start around $4.00), you get a lot more bang for your bucks.

5. Insulate Your Attic Or Ceiling

Insulating your house is a cost-effective way to reduce your energy bills.

Homeowners can save on average 15% on cooling and heating costs and an average of 11% on total energy bills by sealing their homes and installing insulation in crawl spaces, floors, and attics. Insulation can help you save even more, especially if your home is older.

6. HVAC Maintenance Should Be Performed Regularly

Your HVAC system is what keeps you comfortable all year round. This is why it is the appliance that consumes the most energy.

Your system will produce and distribute cool or warm air more evenly and steadily if it is maintained regularly. Regular HVAC maintenance can reduce the chance of costly breakdowns, and can help keep your system operating at its peak efficiency, saving you up to 40% on energy bills.

Doing simple maintenance at home every three to four months can make your HVAC system more efficient. You can keep your HVAC system in top shape by keeping it clean and dust-free, cleaning up any debris from the outside, as well as washing the fins.

7. Change Your Energy Habits

You can reduce your energy consumption by simply changing your daily habits. These are easy ways to lower your energy bill.

  • Use the dishwasher only for a full load and not at night.
  • Your dishwasher’s heat drying option should be turned off
  • Reduce the heat on your hot water heater
  • Take shorter showers
  • Ceiling fans can be used instead of your air conditioner
  • Keep warm during colder days by wearing more clothing
  • Increase the temperature in your refrigerator
  • Your refrigerator and freezer should be stocked full
  • When appliances are not being used, turn off and unplug them
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes
  • Line dry your laundry
  • Install light dimmers

Although each of these suggestions is a small improvement, taken together they can make a big difference in your energy bills.

8. Consider Installing Solar Panels

It’s possible to save money on your electricity bill if your home is solar-friendly. It is possible for homeowners to have a solar panel system installed that will offset 100 percent of their electric bills. The efficiency of solar panels has increased and the price has fallen. There are many rebates and incentives available that make financing a solar system more feasible than ever.

Annual energy costs can reach thousands. The average annual energy cost per person is $3.052, which includes transportation and residential energy. These costs can be reduced or eliminated as soon as solar power is installed. Because it is basically free, solar power can provide long-term savings.

Your resale price will be significantly increased by solar panels. A home with solar panels is understood by most home buyers. This is because they don’t need to invest in the initial installation and maintenance. Most homeowners experience a $5911 increase in resale values for every kilowatt installed, according to research. This means that a 3.1-kilowatt system could increase your home’s resale price by almost $18,000.

Because solar panels protect against the elements like rain, snow, and debris, they can extend the roof’s life. Solar panels make the house more efficient in the summer heat because the sun’s heat isn’t directly hitting the roof. Instead, it is being absorbed by solar panels. This keeps the house’s temperature down.

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