What Appliances Are Most Affected By Hard Water?

It is something you have heard of hard water and how it can cause severe damage. You may not be aware of the effects of hard water on your daily life and appliances. You may have hard water issues at home if your dishwasher or washing machine is not working properly, and all your appliances are scaling.

It may seem like you just need to clean it more often. Hard water can cause serious damage to your appliances, pipes, and taps. Here are some of these negative effects of hard water on appliances.

Washing Machines And Dishwashers

These machines can become very inefficient over time due to scaling from hard water. This reduced efficiency can cause the machine to use more power and do a poorer job. This can dramatically reduce the machine’s life expectancy. The life expectancy of these machines can be extended by using a water softener. It will also reduce the detergent required and the amount of power they use.

Water Heater

Hard water and scale buildup can drastically reduce the lifespan of water heaters. Although water heaters are designed to last for 13 years, if there is a significant amount of scale buildup your heater may only last half that time and require a lot more energy.

Faucets, Toilets, Pipes

Hard water can cause damage to faucets and toilets, which can result in water bills that are much higher than necessary. Scaling of toilets and faucets can lead to clogs and the buildup of debris.

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