A Guide to Choosing the Right Scissor Lift to Rent

Construction contractors tend to work at height, but not all construction sites have stairs for workers and tools to move up and down. It is when scissor lifts come into the picture. Scissor lifts are specialized machines that lift people and tools via a scissor mechanism. These machines have a raised platform mounted on hydraulic extendable legs, allowing operators to work efficiently at any height. However, it’s not economical for all operators to purchase scissor lifts. Therefore, they opt for a scissor lift rental in such a case. This article enlists a few tips for choosing a suitable scissor lift for construction projects.

  • Electrical Scissors or Off-Road Scissors

Scissor lifts can be classified into two categories- electric scissors and off-road scissors. Electric scissors are primarily used for indoor work, and they use batteries for energy and, thus, generate no emissions. These machines are equipped with tires suitable for moving flat and hard surfaces.

Off-road scissor lifts use diesel or gasoline engines, perfect for uneven, muddy, and rough terrain. These machines can have a working height of 15 meters or more and are equipped with a larger working floor.

  • Working Height of Scissor Lifts

Working height is one of the significant factors to consider when asking for a scissor lift rental. Scissor lifts with a 6m height to the floor are suitable to reach the ceilings and ductwork inside buildings with 3m ceilings. Moreover, these machines can fit well through standard doors without requiring folding the railing.

Scissor lifts with 9m heights are selected to work around telephone lines and power holes. Contractors can also rent 18m to 21m high scissor rickshaws for high utility work.

  • Loading Capacity

Two things should be considered when it comes to load capacity- floor load and the maximum number of people working on the floor. Construction contractors must comply with the manufacturer’s standards while adding load to the working platform. A 3m electric scissor forklift can lift a 340kg payload, and a 15m diesel scissor is ideal for lifting a 680 kg payload.

  • Floor Size

Floor sizes can significantly affect the efficiency and safety of jobs on construction sites. Scissor lifts with larger floor sizes can offer better access and less equipment to move. But make sure the machine fits in the workspace. Moreover, contractors can access scissor lift rental with extended work platform sections, increasing workers’ horizontal reach.

  • Understand the Topography

If a contractor is working on steep or rough terrain, choosing the scissor lifts offering a 4-wheel drive is better. Furthermore, undercarriage is another crucial factor to consider when selecting the equipment. Equipment with a large undercarriage is suitable for construction sites with rough terrain and more debris.


There is nothing like scissor lifts that can provide quick and safe access to hard-to-reach places at different heights at the construction site. However, choosing the right scissor lift is vital to reap maximum benefits. If a contractor is planning to rent the equipment, considering these tips will help him choose a suitable machine. Moreover, the contractors must know the requirements of their construction project.

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