A Guide to Wastewater Treatment and Management

We all understand the importance of pure, healthy, and clean water as impure water adversely affects our health and is the cause of many diseases. Wastewater is nothing but used freshwater. Freshwater is used for various purposes, such as in industries for commercial use and for domestic purposes too, but the constant usage of the water changes its composition, hence making it polluted. Rainwater runoff is also one of the reasons for wastewater as the rainwater takes up debris, grit, and several chemicals. So, what can be done in this situation? There is a wastewater management company that treats this wastewater and makes it healthier.

Types of Wastewater

Wastewater is also known as sewage, and it is divided into three types, as mentioned below:

  • Industrial Wastewater: 

It is nothing but the result of manufacturing chemical-based commercial products. Water is essential for the production of most of the items where contamination takes place. The effluents discharged from mainly the chemical and pharmaceutical industries pollute the water.

  • Domestic Wastewater: 

As the name suggests, this is the water that is used for domestic purposes, such as toilets, laundry, showers, kitchen use, washbasins, etc. It is also known as sanitary sewage. Although domestic waste contains less sewage, the disposal is dangerous because of the impurities.

  • Storm Wastewater: 

This is a form of wastewater that originates from a storm or precipitation that includes water formed by the melting of snow and hail, as well as heavy rains. This waste is collected directly without any treatment into the various open channels, wetlands, rivers, oceans, etc.

Why Is Wastewater Treatment Essential?

The increase in the population and the activities of humans are the causes that have led to a drastic shortage of pure freshwater. It is essential because of wastewater contains elements that are toxic to both humans and the ecosystem.

  • It is the cause of various diseases related to water, such as schistosomiasis, cholera, etc.
  • Aquatic animals’ lives come in danger with the consumption of untreated wastewater.
  • Excess nitrogen and phosphates in water give birth to plants that release toxins into the water, which ultimately results in the depletion of oxygen.
  • It is done to remove pollutants and microbial contamination, purify the water and then send it back to the environment.

Stages In The Wastewater Treatment Process

  • Screening Stage: 

Here the objects such as plastic, grease, rags, etc are removed and disposed of in a landfill.

  • Removal of Grit: 

In the second stage, fine and heavy objects such as grit, gravel, and sand are removed.

  • Primary Settling: 

This step involves the settling of larger suspended organic matter and the addition of chemicals to remove phosphorus.

  • Secondary Settling: 

Here wastewater is separated or broken down biologically from the aeration tanks.

  • Tertiary Settling: 

In this step, the first filtration is done, then ultraviolet disinfection is done, and finally, the treated water is discharged in high quality.

If you are looking for a wastewater management company to solve your issues with waste, then do proper research on the internet and pick the best reliable ones for good results.

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