Choose Easy-To-Use Equipment to Make Surveying a Breeze

Whether you’re inspecting a potential homeowner’s backyard or determining whether a plot of land has any problems for the federal government, land surveying can be a time-consuming process. Save yourself time, energy, and stress by investing in easy-to-use survey supplies.

What Kinds of Equipment Do You Need?

Instruments that help you keep track of areas you’ve already surveyed and hazards you’ve noticed are some of the most crucial surveying equipment. To draw long lines, look for marking paint attached to a wheel. That way, you don’t have to worry about controlling a spray can enough to make a straight line. If you need to use a spray bottle instead, invest in a paint applicator, which makes it easier to hold the slippery bottle for long periods.

Because you don’t know what hazards you’ll encounter in the field, having easy-to-use safety gear is a must. Choose bright safety vests, especially when working near major roads, and make sure that they’re easy to slip on and off. Additionally, look for shatterproof safety goggles and hard hats.

When it’s time to measure something, don’t waste time by pulling out a tangled tape measure. For long distances, measuring wheels allow you to calculate the size of entire plots without breaking your back. Laser measures further simplify the process and can remember multiple recordings. Basic measuring tools such as measuring rope are also user-friendly if you maintain them well and keep them untangled.

How Can You Tell if Equipment Is Simple to Use?

When you’re ordering new survey supplies, it can be hard to tell what’s easy to use and what’s likely to cause a headache. First, look at the manufacturer’s product description. How many parts are included, and do any of them require special maintenance? For example, can certain components get damaged by water, or do they require charging?

Next, research user reviews to get another perspective on your potential purchase. Most manufacturers include star ratings from their customers as well as their comments. If you can’t find this information, look up your product’s name and model online. Include keywords such as “usability” and “user-friendly” for the most relevant results.

Finally, reading the user manual for your new tripod or laser rods gives you an idea of how easy it is to use your equipment. Right after you receive a new product, read through any instructions, safety warnings, and manuals. Be careful not to open any sealed packages or lose any components until you’re confident that you can operate the machine.

When Is It Time To Order New Survey Supplies?

Easy-to-use equipment doesn’t always stay that way forever, especially if maintenance is low on your priority list. When your supplies get ripped or worn, they’re probably harder to use. For example, if your surveyor’s measuring rope is frayed, it’s difficult to receive an accurate reading.

Purchasing new surveying equipment when an upgrade is available is another good policy. That way, you don’t miss out on labor-saving updates.

If you’re looking for new surveying equipment that’s easy to use, check out the catalog at Engineer Supply.

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