Kitchen Tile: 4 Things You Need To Know About This Trend

Creating a beautiful and practical kitchen is a big challenge because a well-developed project takes time and dedication. An excellent way to guarantee aesthetics and functionality is to invest in a good tile in the kitchen, considering the ease of installation and cleaning and, of course, its decoration style.

In addition, tiles are pieces with great cost-benefit, ensuring good savings in works and renovations. Do you want to understand how to make your kitchen modern and practical with this item that never loses space in the architectural universe? Keep reading our article!

How To Choose The Best Tile?

The kitchen is an environment that needs a lot of care during its construction and maintenance, as it presents humidity, a high flow of people, and constant grease. Choosing the suitable coating makes all the difference in everyday life, optimizing cleaning time. In other words, knowing how to choose the best tile brings practicality to you. The pieces can be easy or difficult to clean, accumulate more or less dirt and harmonize or not with other decorative elements.

Several textures, colors, and prints create a wide range of possibilities to assemble the perfect kitchen. But then, how to choose the best? Here are three essential tips to keep in mind when buying tiles. Check out!

Harmonize Floor And Wall Coverings

You must have read somewhere about maintaining balance and harmony in decoration, right? Although these seem like difficult concepts, they are easily applicable.

A great way to create aesthetic balance in the kitchen is to choose floor and wall coverings that speak to each other. You can choose different materials — such as porcelain for the floor and tile for the wall — with shades, prints, or textures that match. This helps to create a pleasant environment for the eyes.

Pay Attention To The Colors Of The Environment

As well as opting for cohesive coverings, paying attention to the colors of the rest of the room is also a fundamental step when choosing the right tile. For example, let’s say your kitchen has neutral-toned appliances and furniture. A colored or patterned tile can create an interesting contrast, ensuring movement to the room. If you choose white pieces, the environment may become monotonous, bringing discomfort to the running routine.

A lot of people prefer clear coatings as they feel clean. In that case, how about including other points of color to brighten the environment? Brightly colored utensils and appliances help make the kitchen cozy for family get-togethers on weekends. It is worth remembering that too dark coatings can “shrink” the room, requiring improved lighting to ensure cooking visibility.

Focus On Practicality

The keyword for a functional kitchen is practicality. Therefore, to choose the right tile, try to observe the manufacturer’s guidelines on maintenance, ease of cleaning, types of texture, and depth. Opt for resin, rectified, and waterproof pieces, which accumulate less dirt. The size of the pieces must also be considered. Smaller slabs need more grout, which is difficult to clean and can become stained from excess grease. Apart from tiles you can consider using stones like Architectural Stone Products In Cincinnati, OH for example for your kitchen.

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