Look for outstanding Parquet Flooring in Sydney

Wooden flooring is gaining ground because of its natural aesthetic and durability with no high maintenance cost. These vary according to the choice of the individual and type of flooring chosen– laminated flooring, hardwood, parquet, and many others. Although developed decades ago, Parquet flooring is trending again because of the different designs that can be applied to the ground using solvent-based glue without much hassle. This flooring is done using blocks or stipes of wood stuck over the regular floor with an adhesive such as retol, hazo, utin, etc., depending upon the type of wood used in parquetry. The blocks require to be placed on a smooth surface that should be free from moisture and dents. Parquet Flooring Sydney is installed by highly professional individuals who use their experience to decide the material and parquet design suitable for the room or the building. Types of Parquet flooring in fashion these days:

Herringbone Parquet Flooring: Made of rectangular patterns using pieces of parquet placed at right angles to each other. The edge ratio lies from 2:1 and 3:1. These rectangles, if cut precisely, can easily combine with the other part of the parquet, creating a beautiful zig-zag pattern with elegance. Usually, oak is used for Herringbone flooring.

Chevron Parquet Flooring: This pattern developed during the late 16th century and is known as point de Hongrie (Hungarian Herringbone), probably because it originated in Hungary. The pattern is made by placing parquet planks at a certain angle. Mostly, 45 degrees is preferred. It gives a V-shaped design on the floor and makes the room look larger than in the case of Herringbone.

Parquet floor tiles are also available in the market and are easy to install than traditional parquet pieces apart from being original in their constituent. Parquet tiles come in a variety of square dimensions -9×9, 12×12, 19×19 inches, etc. These tiles can be considered a strong alternative to modern porcelain tiles to give a more natural look to the surroundings and a more comfortable flooring because of their easy adaptability to the temperature. The parquet flooring can be made from oak, maple, walnut, and other wood species. The deciding factor can be the strength of the material, its price, and its life. Parquet Flooring Sydney can be easily polished and thus retain its contrast even after many years. The polishing is done after giving proper sanding to prevent stains and giving a shiny appearance.

Parquet flooring requires less time in installation if done by trained individuals and can easily blend with the surrounding furniture and other wooden objects. This flooring is susceptible to scratches because of movement. Further, they need to be cleaned periodically with a soft cloth using suitable oil or wax. However, they may last longer than many modern flooring if proper care is taken but are more expensive. These cannot be installed in areas of moisture and termites.

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