Termites in Your Schertz home? Check These Details

For the unversed, termites thrive on wood. These tiny insects are capable of causing unprecedented damage to homes and properties. Homeowners in Schertz often spend thousands of dollars on repairs, often because they failed to fix the termite infestation. Termites are exceedingly hard to get rid of, and using termiticides without experience could be a huge mistake. You need a local company specializing in pest control Schertz to tackle the problem. For your help, here are some important details. 

Common signs to watch for

Termites need moisture to survive, and many species cannot live in the open. If termites have infested your home, you may find:

  • Mud tubes along the walls, especially on the exteriors of your home.
  • Live termites underneath the crawl space and close to the wooden structures.
  • Termite droppings, which may look like brown pellets.
  • You may also find a nest somewhere in the house
  • Damage to wooden components. If termites have damaged a wooden structure considerably, it would sound hollow and may have tiny holes.

The need for pest control

Because termites are found inside wooden structures, you may want to call a professional pest control company for the job. These companies rely on various products and methods, including termiticides, to get rid of these pests. With a pest control company at work, you can be assured that their professionals are taking all possible measures to reduce the risks. As needed, they may also treat the soil around the house and underneath the crawl space. Repellents are also used to prevent termites from returning. If you take adequate measures, you don’t have to worry about damage to wooden structures. 

Finding a reliable company for the job

We would recommend the following tips to select a pest control company: 

  • Ensure that the company is licensed.
  • Check if the firm has liability insurance.
  • Hire a company that is locally based in Schertz. A firm that lives and works in your area is always a better choice. 
  • Get an inspection done before you agree to the estimate.
  • Ask the company about its pest control methods.
  • Check if the firm has good online reviews. You can also ask for references. 
  • You may also want to ask about preventive pest control and maintenance contracts.

Finally, ask the company if it is doing enough to reduce the impact of pest control activities on the environment. Don’t forget to check if the company is offering a warranty on the job and get everything in writing. 


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