The Incredible Uses of a Side Table 

Side tables have been underestimated all these years. Just because they are kept on the side does not mean they have no use. Side tables are as useful as the tables you use at the center. 

If you’re thinking of buying a side table, but aren’t really sure, this article will help you make a decision. 

We have unraveled the incredible uses of a side table in this article. Dive right in to find out! 

The Difference Between Side Tables and Console Tables 

Before you find out the uses of a side table, let’s understand the difference between console tables and side tables. 

  1. Console tables are shallow, wide, and tall. It is mostly placed against a wall. You can keep a decorative piece like a flower vase or a showpiece on this table. 
  2. A side table is placed at the side of the bed, near the sofa, etc. It is always placed at the side of a place where a person sits. 

Console tables are great for decorative pieces, but side tables are much more useful. This does not mean that console tables are not needed. They enhance the overall look of your home. 

Let’s take a look at the uses of a side table in the next section! 

The Uses of Side Tables 

#1 The biggest benefit and use of side tables is that people can keep their belongings and reach out whenever they like. You can keep useful things like your watch, ring, cell phone, and chargers here. This way you do not have to get up every time to fetch all the useful things. 

#2 Place a table lamp on this side table. This way people can simply switch on the lamplight instead of turning on the main lights of the room. This gives such a beautiful and ambient look to the room. 

#3 Placing decorative items on side tables is convenient and it also makes the home look good. When you have a sofa or a bed, placing a side table completes the look. You can keep a flower vase, a showpiece, or even a photographer on the side table. It looks very good! 

#4 Side tables are good storage spaces. Some of the side tables have drawers so you can place certain reachable and useful items inside. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you think you want to add a side table near your bed or sofa, feel free to check out the collection of the side table from Elegant Tables. 

They have amazing and durable side tables that will enhance the look of your bedroom and living rooms. 

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