Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Even more frequently than kitchens, householders prefer to remodel their bathrooms. This is because bathrooms are more compact than kitchens, which makes cleaning them simpler and quicker. Additionally, this reduced space results in cost savings: less flooring, paint, cabinets, and countertops.

Follow these guidelines to make your bathroom renovation more appealing while keeping the process seamless, efficient, and affordable.

Create Niches and Alcoves for Extra Space

When space is severely limited, building in is preferable to building out.

In small restrooms, built-ins such as recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and even toilet paper receptacles maximise the available space. Even the ceiling light can be made flatter by converting it into a recessed light. Create additional stowage space within the walls.

Consider Bathroom Ventilation

By code, all restrooms are required to have either an appropriately sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan for ventilation.

Consider the exhaust capacity and decibel levels of lavatory exhaust fans. Due to the compact size of restrooms, even a moderately noisy bathroom fan can be too loud.

Select the Correct Flooring

Although solid wood floors impart great character to bathrooms, they are not the most suitable flooring material for restrooms.

Choose bathroom flooring that is resilient enough to withstand the rigours of daily bathroom use. The most popular bathroom flooring options are ceramic and porcelain tiles, luxury vinyl plank and tiles.

Bathroom Lighting Is Crucial

The illumination in a room where people must visually scrutinise their hair and faces is typically dim and concentrated in a single point, namely a ceiling fixture.

Consider installing at least sconces around the bathroom mirror for illumination. However, overwhelming light is not always desirable.

Add Additional Mirrors to the Bathroom

Most people associate washroom mirrors solely with applying cosmetics and styling hair.

But it is also essential to consider mirrors in restrooms as design elements that visually expand the space and add light. Many householders prefer to install a second mirror above the bathroom basin in addition to the primary mirror.

Utilise wall-spanning, large-format mirrors in tiny restrooms.

Modify Room Size Using Colour

To make a compact bathroom appear larger, ensure that your colour palette consists solely of white and light hues.

Darker hues make a space feel smaller and more confining—Utilise white or light-coloured bathroom fixtures (toilet and bathtub). Also, consider carefully painting your bathroom ceiling any colour other than white or off-white, as this makes the space appear even smaller.

Add Plants for Colourful Living

Bathroom plants should not be an afterthought. On the contrary, plants add much-needed colour to antiseptic restrooms with their presence.

Consider adding a floating shelf solely to provide a cosy home for your trailing plants.

Include Freestanding Items

As a design element, many Singapore interior designer companies recommend having one freestanding piece, such as a cabinet or a decorative chair, if space permits.

To mitigate the lack of space, you can recess additional practical elements, such as laundry hampers, or simply relocate the hamper to a different room. Obviously, this decorative piece can also function as a place to store towels, toiletries, and other small items.

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