What Causes Water Pipes to Burst?

The structural integrity of your home is seriously threatened by burst water pipes. They are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially if you don’t know what issue with your plumbing system caused it. The pipes that run throughout your house are heavily used every day and deteriorate over time.

When damage or changes in temperature causes water pipes to burst, the damage can be devastating. Burst pipes can result in flooding, the growth of mould and mildew, damage to the walls, floors, wiring, ceilings, and other structural elements. Therefore, preventing water damage to your home should be a top priority.

What Leads to Bursts in Water Pipes?

Water pipe bursts can be caused by a variety of factors, including environmental changes, weather, and natural wear and tear. These are the main causes of burst water pipes:

Branch Roots

One of the most frequent reasons for burst pipes is tree roots. Your yard’s underground root systems are widespread throughout. Your pipes experience pressure as they expand, which eventually leads to cracks and leaks. Despite their strength, water pipes cannot stop invasive tree roots from entering their territory.

Water Pressure is High

Water pipes are typically made to withstand a certain amount of water pressure. In your home, high water pressure can break pipes, resulting in leaks and water waste. 50 to 80 PSI is the typical range for water pressure. A knowledgeable plumber can assist with the installation of pressure-reducing devices to bring your home’s water pressure back within acceptable ranges if it has surpassed the limitations.


Pipe bursts may be attributed to freezing conditions in areas with severe winters. When the water within pipes in cold weather grows colder and reaches the freezing point, it begins to slowly freeze. Pressure builds up when the water cools down in one area of the pipe; if the pressure builds up too much, the pipe may break. Water sprinkler systems, pipes in unheated crawl spaces, and pipes along poorly insulated exterior walls are all susceptible to freezing.

Faulty installation

Sometimes whomever installed your current plumbing system might be held responsible for burst pipes. Perhaps the plumbers who completed the work lacked expertise, used the incorrect tools or materials, or hurried the operation to meet the deadline. Poor installation creates weak spots throughout the system that are highly vulnerable to pipe damage.

Use and Abuse

Natural wear and tear is a potential cause of burst pipes. Every day, water pipes are subjected to frequent usage, corrosion, and ageing, which may damage the seals and walls of the pipes. This might harm the pipes, leading to small breaks and fractures that ultimately explode.

Methods for Preventing Water Pipe Bursts

Turning off your water supply as soon as you believe that your water pipes have burst can help you avoid further harm. Also keep in mind that professionals are best suited to manage repairs. For pipe repair work on burst pipes, visit a plumber website.

Natural gas hookups are now required in most Sydney homes. Gas is readily available and a dependable fuel for cooking and heating homes. Additionally, most households utilise it as a substitute for solar energy and electricity. A natural gas connection is invaluable to a house, but it’s important to remember that working with gas may be risky. So it’s important to know who to call if you need a gas fitting service.

What is a gas fitting?

Installing, repairing, inspecting, and maintaining gas pipelines and appliances is referred to as “gas fitting.” Heating appliances and equipment that uses gas refrigeration are a few examples of appliances that need the knowledge of a qualified gas fitter.

Any job that entails the following is considered gas fitting.

Establishing, modifying, and maintaining gas systems.Installing, repairing, or extending hot water heaters that are fuelled by gas.Attaching or disconnecting gas lines from gas regulators, appliances, or containers unless the unit can be readily removed from the connection.

Can plumbers provide services for gas fitting?

Gas fitting and plumbing are two distinct professions. Installation of gas lines involves delivering gas to equipment having gas motors. The installation, maintenance, or modification of the pipe fittings of a water service linked to a primary water source, on the other hand, is referred to as plumbing.

A certain set of credentials are needed for these practises. This makes it possible to guarantee that Sydney residents get the greatest plumbing and gas fitting services. The guarantee calls for long-lasting setup and fixes that adhere to the highest standards.

Can plumbers install gas fittings, then? No and yes. One has to get the necessary credentials in order to provide gas fitting services. A gas fitter in NSW is required to have a Certificate III in Gas Fitting. Only those with this certification are permitted to provide gas fitting services.

Gas-powered appliances may be installed and repaired by plumbers. By finishing the Certificate III in Plumbing Course, they may become qualified. The course consists of modules that introduce the plumber to the job of gas fitting. As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of the health of your pipes and to take action to repair or replace them if needed.

If you are in need of a blocked drain castle hill service, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.After completing the course, a plumber is qualified to work on projects involving liquid petroleum gas and natural gas. The complexity of jobs involving gas line installation, repair, and maintenance necessitates the use of a skilled gas fitting plumber. Working with a professional is also necessary because of the dangers of gas leaks and other problems impacting gas lines.

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