Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Stone Cleaning Services in Mahopac, NY

Natural stone emphasizes your home’s connection to nature. Exposed rock has a soothing effect on the human mind and a reminder that all are a part of the same natural universe.

Stones require cleaning to stay in good condition, both aesthetically and structurally. Even typical circumstances might make your stone seem unappealing or compromise its structural integrity.

Mahopac’s companies offer stone cleaning, preservation restoration, Efflorescence removal, and other projects. Here are a few things to consider when considering processes like stone cleaning in Mahopac, NY.

Cleaning Tools

Nothing can scratch stone countertops or other natural stone fittings. That is an excellent notion, yet it is incorrect. Surface damage to stone is considerably more common than most people realize.

At best, abrasive cleaners will remove your sealants; at worst, they will etch the surface of your natural stone. Remember that your countertops may have an older sealer, making them considerably prone to abrasive substances.

Ensure that your selected provider does not use abrasive instruments while cleaning natural stone. It’s a good idea to inquire whether they know stone hardness and what can harm different types of stone.


Reviews are the most excellent method to know if they’re suited for your natural stone cleaning needs. And it makes no difference where they are from, neighbors, Yelp, and Google Reviews are all helpful.

When evaluating, be certain that you are asking all the appropriate questions. This includes pricing, how long it took, how pleasant the individuals were, and so forth.

In reality, before contacting a firm, you should conduct considerable research. Consult with friends who have utilized local cleaning services. Check the internet as well.

Years of Experience 

Even if a natural stone cleaning business has the necessary qualifications and accreditation, it is crucial to understand how much field experience they have. It is critical to select stone professionals who understand natural stone kinds’ unique requirements. Inquire about their experience in your region as well. Climate and weather conditions have a significant influence on natural stone.

Material Type 

Your cleaning provider should be able to walk you through the whole process, including the materials used and how they affect your natural stone. You want to be sure they’re not going to do anything that would harm your natural stone or the environment. A good cleaning service will use EPA-approved and ecologically safe cleaning products.

Enquire about Qualifications 

Inquire about their qualifications to ensure that your natural stone cleaning business is equipped to undertake your project. Anyone can claim to be knowledgeable in a specific field, but you should be sure they can back up their claims. Before taking on the work, a trustworthy professional will gladly discuss their qualifications.

Ask About Stone Types

Any skilled stone cleaner should understand the fundamentals of stone composition. Different procedures will work best depending on the natural stone in your home. Natural stone is classified into two categories:

  • Calcareous stone is acid sensitive since it is mainly made of calcium (low pH levels). Travertine, onyx, marble, and limestone are examples of these stones.
  • Siliceous stones are less acid sensitive than calcareous stones since they are mainly formed of silicon dioxide. Slate, soapstone, sandstone, and granite are common kitchen stones.


Sealants help to keep items “out” of your stone surface. Assume you spill water on your granite counter, and the sealer prevents water from soaking into the pores of the stones and potentially causing long-term harm.

Sealants penetrate natural stones to keep out everything else because they have capillaries or pores that absorb liquids. However, not all sealants are the same.

Newer sealants penetrate and modify the stone on a molecular level, and this implies that even harsh acids will not be able to permeate your countertops. Older sealants barely keep simple spills like water or wine out.

There are expert services providing long-lasting solutions to residences or any place where the stonework is established. You can find reputed workers experienced in tasks like stone cleaning in Mahopac, NY. Before investing, you can conduct a detailed study of the company’s restoration process and other aspects. This will help you strike a fair deal.

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