Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Installation

How long up until my windows get set up?

While the time it takes from order to install will differ based on project dimension and seasonality, it is the objective of the All American Exteriors to be able to schedule the actual installation start as well as finish day at the time of your purchase.

How long will the installation take?

The size of installation will depend upon the dimension of the project; however, our systems enable your local representative to figure out the approximate variety of hours or days the installment procedure will take based upon the extent of your task.

How much disturbance will installation cause?

While we try to make the installation process as simple as feasible for you, there is some interruption as well as noise associated with replacing windows. Nevertheless, you are not required to leave the home during setup. Pocket setup causes little disturbance while full-frame installation needs a little bit more labor as installers will be dealing with both the inside, as well as beyond your house. When they are done, you can anticipate your installers to tidy up after themselves and leave their work area cleaner than when they arrived.

How can I prepare my home for window substitute?

Prior to installment, we advise shutting off any type of alarm systems attached to your home windows, trimming shrubs, or other landscape design that could be in the means of your home windows, removing the work area of any fragile or breakable things, as well as covering furnishings. On the installation day, we recommend keeping kids and animals far from the work area.

What takes place if there is an issue or hold-up?

If there is an issue, don’t panic. Your installer will contact the local branch workplace to service a resolution as well as interact the strategy with you.

Who will be installing my home windows? Are they staff members or subcontractors?

We do use subcontractors that are certified every year as All American Exteriors near Winter Park Orlando. Your local branch service warranties both for the product and the installation.

Are the installers certified as well as insured?

Yes. We call for all of our installers to finish full background checks as well as to be completely certified as well as insured.

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