DIY Plumbing Tools You Must Have At Home

You can never tell when a plumbing emergency can happen at home. If you have a few plumbing fixes knowledge, it is important that you have the right tools so you can fix many common plumbing problems. You know that if you have a more serious or complicated plumbing problem, you would call in a pro to fix it for you. But if it’s something that you know you can do on your own, then it is more efficient if you can just grab anything that you need in your toolbox.


It is very important for every home to have a plunger or two around the house. Invest in a really good one because you might be using it more than you can ever imagine. Once the toilet bowl or the drains are clogged, the first tool you grab is the plunger. And most of the time, it works and you no longer need to call a plumber to fix the clogging problem.

Plumbing Snake

Every homeowner needs to have this tool. This is an auger that is used to remove hair or debris from clogged drains. It has a metal coil at the end which you will insert into the drain. Once you pull it out, all the debris and hair that clogs the drain or pipes will be efficiently removed.

Hand Auger

Another tool to have is the hand auger. It is very good at taking dirt out of deep holes when it’s the one causing the clogging. This is a perfect tool for people who want to try digging up the dirt in case one of the pipes breaks or leaks.

Adjustable Wrench

In plumbing, there are lots of bolts and nuts involved. And in order to get around these contraptions, you need an adjustable wrench. The jaw of an adjustable wrench locks into place so that it stays in place as you work. There are plenty of sizes to choose from but the 10-inch wrench has a longer reach which you should have in your toolbox. Also, have the 6-inch wrench because it is easier to use when you have to work in tight spaces.

Pipe Wrench

Aside from the adjustable ones, you will also need a pipe wrench. It is a huge wrench that is commonly used to loosen and tighten large pipe fittings. In fact, you will need two of these, one to hold the pipe and another one to turn the fitting.

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